Lumin U2 Mini and U2 Power Consumption

Was hoping the Lumin rep would weigh in and let me know what the tested/measured power consumption of the U2 Mini and U2 is; This basic information is absent on the Lumin website or owners manuals. I have a power regeneration unit, an IsoTek Genesis and it is limited to 100 Watts output; My SACD/DAC is about a 50 watt load. Thanks in advance!

@wklie will no doubt respond in due course (It’s christmas) but wouldn’t it be easier/quicker to just measure it with a multimeter?
Replacement power supplies (3rd party) are around 30-40 Watts (DC)…

Thx. How do you propose one would measure power consumption of an AC appliance with a multimeter?
My guess on U2 Mini power, based on the processor core and overall architecture is at 120V AC it’s probably 20-30 watts. The U2 has a higher power processor and its probably closer to 40W. Just a WAG

Most decent multimeters can measure ac current so a simple calculation and the result will good enough for your needs, many modern multimeters can also measure ac power ….

Oh ya; for sure can measure current but man that’s a pretty dangerous and annoying option to whip up a special cable to be able to connect ground and neutral and put the meter in series with the other leg. No way I’m doing that; it’s pretty annoying Lumin would simply not list extremely basic “specs 101” details on their product web pages or in the manual.

U2 Mini needs about 15W-25W if no USB drive is connected. U2 is slightly different due to toroidal transformer. In any case, I think it’d be fine in your setup.