Lumin U2 Mini no longer working

My finding was sent to you in PM.

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In searching for a solution to the same issue I’m having with my U2 Mini, I found this thread. I’ve tried all of the above “fixes” (except for the USB update), but still coming up empty. I bought my unit in October of 2022. It worked perfectly (streaming Qobuz) but now the app no longer detects the unit. Using an IPhone 11. Looks like the only remaining action is to bring back to the dealer for a return to the distributor?
Sounds like this is going to take a while. Unless any body else has come up with a fix that works.

Following up on the above post…Just received a response from Peter Lie. He recommended the total power down and restart procedure. So I performed another one. It worked. My system is up and and running. My thanks to PixelMagic.