Lumin U2 mini released

Looks like the U2 Mini is official.


Anyone know the price?

@wklie ?
Any clues here?

In Germany you’ll get it for 2490€, which isn’t so much more than you’ve payed for the U1 mini.

Same in Sweden, about level with the U1 mini, SEK26000.

Hello @wklie Peter! Does the new model now have a full MQA decoder? How critically is U2 superior to U1, is it worth changing to a new one?

It is not possible to have a full MQA decoder to digital output, because MQA rendering is specific to the digital to analog conversion (DAC) hardware. Digital output can only have MQA Core decoder, that is true for all hardware MQA transports like Lumin U1 / U1MINI / U2MINI and MQA software (including Roon, Tidal desktop app, and Audirvana).

U2MINI is at the same level as U1MINI.


Hi Peter, is there going to be an U2 (not mini) soon?

What about soundquality U2 mini vs U1?

We have to wait for the reviews, but rather the owner of the new device, what they say.

But the U2 mini is able to transfer DSD512 (U1 mini “only” DSD256) and so (not the only point) it seems, that the differences between U2 mini and U1 can be smaller, than between U1 mini and U1.

According to technical characteristics-yes, but U1 is a different high level.

U2 MINI is the 20th Roon Ready hardware model (12th under the Lumin brand) that I worked on.


the lumin U1/U2 has internal upsampling and transcoding features, has anyone made comparisons between these and those available via software in roon?

@wklie Is the new U2 Mini supporting Airplay 2? Very frustrating that Lumin has marketing materials for Airplay support but nothing specifying which version. For such an expensive device I sure hope it is AP-2. Even the Bluesound Node supports AP-2 for 1/5 the price.

At this time I offer no amendment of the web specifications, but we reserve the right to change it in the future.

I want to emphasize that, based on current experimental findings, AirPlay2 is not giving you higher sample rate over AirPlay1 for common apps. Personally, I prefer AirPlay1 due to certain apps choosing to send a lossy stream over AirPlay2, while lossless 16/44.1 is enforced by AirPlay1.


Wklie is there a preferred cable to connect my U2 mini to my Chord Qutest?
current use BNC

Some Chord users used USB cable. You may try each of them (either BNC or USB, with the other disconnected) and see what sounds better to you.


Worked for 5 min now I can only see my U2 via airplay

Do you have the new U2 Mini? Mine has been ordered, I’m waiting for it to arrive.