Lumin with S booster PSU ? ??

anyone here have tried Lumin T2, D2 or U1 Mini w/ the S-booster PSU ?

Yup, D2 swap.

In short - bigger sense of energy and urgency, more precision, better handling of poorly recorded music (presumably because there is a reduction in digital hash/noise), better separation (or more defined separation).

Its very easy to do the swap and make it reversible, just don’t follow the Sbooster instructions regarding ‘cutting’ a wire.


So it is possible to install the kit without cutting the wire? How do you remove the IEC inlet in that case, if not cutting the cord to the power switch?

I have a D2/Sbooster and second Mikey’s impressions. There was a slight but present glare that disappeared with the Sbooster. Much prefer the Sbooster. I did cut the wire.


I just tried the Sbooster with my T2… i did not notice a noticeable difference in sound quality of any kind.

As most audiophiles… I was looking for something magical to happen. But i didn’t.

So it will get returned.


Yes it is possible. Simply unsolder it.

Yes U1 mini S-booster swap (without cutting the wire).
I find the U1 with greater dynamic range, softer / more musical, better separation of voices / instruments.

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I use my D2 with an Sbooster. My impressions mirror those of Mikey. It really removed a digital glare I noticed with the stock D2, and as an upgrade it was well built. I liked the stock D2 but had some concerns until I upgraded to the Sbooster. Now, I’m quite happy many months on.

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Hi, I was considering an Sbooster for my Lumin T2. I saw you mentioned not much difference in sound. Would you mind sharing more details on the rest of your setup for some perspective?



Here is my chain… Intel NUC > Roon Rock > Lumin T2 > Simaudio Moon 600i > Abyss AB-1266 PHI TC

Based on all the positive praise for the sbooster… I really was expecting something magical to happen to audio from the T2… I didn’t hear any noticeable difference. My setup is highly detailed and revealing… I should have heard something.

If you live in the US… you can buy one from Upscale Audio to try out… if you are not convinced … they have a no questions asked return policy.

Thanks, appreciate the response. I’m going to sit out the sbooster, at least for now and leave the items in Uncle Kevin’s cart! I don’t want to cut any wires and though I understand there is a soldering option, I’m going to pass. When I had my board replaced early on the first thing they asked was if I had connected an sbooster. At the time I hadn’t even heard of sbooster. Maybe in another year or two. Going to focus on a new preamp for now.

Thanks again!

The sbooster does not require any wire cutting or soldering. From what I remember… I think it was just a simple clip connector. All that was required to test to sbooster was a few screws to remove the top of the T2. I just disconnected the wire from the original t2 power supply and connected the sbooster… It only took a few minutes to make the swap for testing.

It was worth the time to try… But I was very grateful for the return policy.

Best wishes

Good to hear no wire cutting. I saw a couple of folks mentioning having to make a cut. When the money starts to burn a hole in my pocket I will revisit!

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