Lyngdorf mp60 and mp40

I am considering getting either the lyngdorf mp40 or the mp60 and I hoping that users here will be able to help me with my questions below:

  1. Are you able to turn on the machine via the roon app?

  2. Is the roon app able to directly control the volume?

  3. Can roon work directly via the lan port connection?

  4. What are some of the irritating issues with either of the machine otherwise making them to be the perfect system you are looking for.

Appreciate all feedback to it, and thanks again.

While I have no experience with either of these streaming DACs, they are Roon Ready so that means yes to most of your questions.

Volume will be dependent on how it’s set up to feed the next device in the chain.

I can certainly do it on my Matrix Audio device if I set it to digital volume, so that might be dependent on how you want to drive your’s.

Thanks Michael, I tried a few amps and some do all the above, but a number of them dont. Considering the price tag of the machine, i like to make sure it works as closely to what I would like to achieve.

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Yes I agree that you want to fully find the facts first before purchasing.
Hopefully someone with some actual experience will reply as well.

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Thanks Michael

You might be better of asking here as lots of experienced Lyngdorf users around. Also other threads on the Forums dedicated to the MP range.

I’m using the TDAI-3400 with Roon. Probably the basic features you are asking about, are the same on the bigger models. If so, the answers to 1. to 3. is yes. 4. I don’t know… no problems on mine. It’s a pleasure to use. You have auditioned Lyngdorf already and know that their SQ is right for you? You can download the user manuals from Lyngdforf’s website to double-check 1. to 3. …

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Thanks Andreas. I have auditioned it and liken what I have heard so far. Though basic but the functions are some of the convenience that I really like to have and was surprised to find that there are amps around that doesn’t provide 1 and 2

I have an MP60, and it’s been great with Roon. I use it with a Nucleus+ without any major issues.

There are some configuration challenges if you’re trying to group multiple devices with the MP60 for Roon output for “whole home” style output. PM me if you want to discuss specifics, but there are some quirks. These relate to volume control and power state when you’re trying to use multiple MP60 output zones and you’re grouping with other Roon endpoints. So it’s really an edge case I’d think.

Can’t comment on the mp40 and 60 specifically but as a 3400 and Roon user I could not be happier. Sounds spectacular, and Roon works exactly as you are hoping for in points 1-3. As for 4, I guess as an upgrader from Atom I would like a colour screen with cover art but honestly it sounds so amazing I have stopped missing that.


Thanks guys. All the inputs have been very helpful for me.

Just wondering if there’s any difference between stereo performance of the MP 60 in the TDAI3400