Lyngdorf TDAi-2170 and HQPlayer

I got Lyngdorf TDAi-2170 integrated amp which is basically a fully digital DAC power amp. This thing accepts 32/384 PCM and DSD128 signals, however as far as I know internal processing is always done at 24/96.

As I’m bit confused how exactly is the signal processed in this thing…
So my question: Is there any point to upsample everything 32/384 (or closest multiple) or DSD128 ?

Please don’t say “try it yourself and see what happens” :slight_smile: Things aren’t always that simple and I’m interested to understand technical side of all this.


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If it processes internally at 96/24 (like many AVRs do for room correction, etc), then resampling everything to that rate should give best results…

Are you sure the L2170 use 96K internally -as that is the one used in my old TDAI 2200’s. I recall reading somewhere that the 2170 uses an internal rate of 192K.


No, I’m not sure at all, but everything I’ve been able to Google regarding this points that it’s still limited to 96/24.

…another thing that strongly suggests 96/24 processing is always happening, can be seen when using analog inputs. When 2170 is fed with analog source, display shows 96khz when info button is pressed. Never noticed that until today…

Lyngdorf TDAI uses 24/96 resampling for sure.

While Jussi Laako is fully right that upsampling to that rate with HQP “should give best results” it really makes HQ Player obsolete in this setup.

  • HQP can control clipping, TDAI does per default (ICC)
  • HQP can apply filters, so can TDAI
  • HQP essentially changes the signal which is what it is supposed to do, TDAI is asking for the original signal

(BTW, even the Lyngdorf CD-2 player can do upsampling but Lyngdorf strongly recommend not to do this when using it together with the TDAI, just plain 44.1khz please)

I am sometimes playing around with Roon+HQP into TDAI but nothing is better than Roon Core with Roon DSP off and streaming directly into TDAI.

I am not saying HQP isn’t a fantastic piece of software and so is Roon anyways, but with a Power DAC+room perfect in place you are looking at a Porsche while the other root is to consider chip tuning for my Audi.

With TDAI you do not need HQ Player anymore.


My take is that it is up to you to decide whether you like the rate conversion algorithm used by Lyngdorf for converting to 96 kHz sampling rate. Or if you would prefer HQPlayer’s conversion instead. This is sonically the most critical step from 44.1 kHz up. For example I don’t know if Lyngdorf let’s you choose between apodizing and non-apodizing filter for this job. Apodizing filters can control ringing of decimation filter used in the source material.

AVRs usually do the same (for Audyssey or similar) and there the conversion is typically done by a cheap ASRC chip from Cirrus Logic, TI or AKM. And no options for filter selection. I don’t know if Lyngdorf gives you multiple filter options for this conversion.

Another aspect is if one wants to listen to DSD files and how good conversion Lyngdorf can do from DSD to 96 kHz PCM. Or if you want to do something like multi-channel PCM/DSD to stereo downmix.

Hi Jussi,

I fully agree with you regarding the choice to do the 96 kHz upsampling before or inside the Lyngdorf PowerDac and you have so many followers I do not need to add that you have created a fantastic piece of software and deserve full respect for that accomplishment.

And no “but”…