Lyngdorf tdai-2170

I would like to connect my allo usbridge to a lyngdorf tdai-2170.
lyngdorf tdai-2170 is not roon ready so i don’t know if i will have problem using it.
Can someone help me before i buy a new lyngdorf?

There is no USB input unless you buy the optional USB module.
Without that upgrade module, Allo’s USBBridge won’t work.

Perhaps Allo’s DigiOne?

Yes i know i would buy the usb module

If your using the Allo it doesn’t matter about the amp not being Roon Ready as the USB Bridge is when you install Roon Bridge. The amp will just act as a DAC.

The TDAI-2170 resamples everything to 96 kHz, so you may want to save the money for the USB card and get a streamer with SPDIF output instead. I use a Bluesound Node 2i, works like a charm.

[Edit - I just noticed that the RasPi based USB streamers are cheaper than the SPDIF ones…in that case, my decision would depend on the cost of Lyngdorf’s USB card :slight_smile: )

where did you read that it resamples at 96khz?
the USB module info:
Streaming USB input module (≤384kHz/32 bit + DXD / DSD64 / DSD128)

I am using a TDAi-2170 with a USB module for several years now. I connected it to a Synology NAS with Roon Core running on it. The Synology NAS recognise the TDAi-2170 automatically.

This setup delivers a very good sound quality. I think this is because the USB module galvanic isolates ánd reclocks (!) the incoming signal. As with all other USB DAC’s it is important to use a good USB cable.

It also accepts 192/24 on the coax SPDIF input, but that doesn’t mean anything…Roomperfect seems to operate at 96 kHz.

Have a look at the frequency responses in the reviews below - they are limited to 48 kHz, indicating a 96 kHz sample rate:

There also is an old Roon community thread on this:

Finally, the coax SPDIF output operates at 96/24, no matter what the input signal is (I use a RME ADI-2 DAC to feed active speakers; there is no 2 channel Lyngdorf preamp, so that was my best oprtion back when I needed a fully digital replacement for my Lyngdorf RP-1).

But don’t let that dissuade you from buying the TDAI-2170 - the room correction works very well, and that has a far bigger impact than crazy bit depths / sample rates.

Resampling is an absolutely normal design for DSP room correction amplifier, DSP speaker or AV receivers, because it is completely unpractical otherwise, regardless of 384kHz PCM or DSD128 input. Some may have higher internal resampling rate, one popular DSP speaker (USD12500) resamples at 48kHz.

Trinnov ST2 does the same thing, and that are not cheap - but supposed to be very good.

Thank you so much for your reply.
So this is my last question:
My current setup is:
Allo Usbridge>Khadas Tone Board>Naim xs3>Proac SM100
I have a little budget to upgrade and these are the two options:

  • Buy a better dac (something like the chord qutest)
  • Sell the Naim xs3 to buy the Lyngdorf.
    What would you do? and can you please tell me the "sound differences"i will find?

Grazie mille!!!

I use Cambridge CXN V2 connected via coaxial to Lyngdorf TDAI-2170.
It passes 24/192 without any issue.
Sound is fabulous

Well, the first question is…are you unhappy with the sound in some way (if yes, tell us what’s wrong), or do you just want to scratch an upgrade itch?

If you mainly want something new to play with, I would suggest getting Acourate or Audiolense and an UMIK-2 (or, even better, a calibrated mic and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2), and create frequency- and phase-corrected room correction filters which you then can apply in Roon’s DSP settings.

That’s my current project, and the results easily beat Room Perfect (I use Acourate, btw). These programs also allow you to create target curves to your liking; you’re not limited to the ‘voicings’ available for the TDAI-2170. The drawback is that this is not fully automated, but it’s not that hard either.
Total cost would be in the 500-700 Euro range.

If you want a new piece of hardware, I’d take a look at the NAD M10 (or, if money is not much of an issue, its big brother, the M33). Both are integrated solutions with Bluesound and Dirac Live (which also allows tailoring the target curve to your preference).

BTW - I don’t know your amp, but I had an UnitiQute 2 in my home office for a while; if Naim have a brand sound, the Lyngdorf will be more ‘sober’/neutral - not sure if that is what you want.

Um, I’m selling mine (can I say that here?)
PM me (UK, inc. USB module)

Hi 2170 users,

Does anyone have a solution to the fact that my Apple TV 4K won’t work via HDMI?

It’s stumped me!