Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 software SW2.2.0 / March 2021 (MQA Decoder support! It works!)

SW2.2.0 / March 2021

  • Added features:

  • MQA decoder support.

  • Added MQASTATUS to control interface.

  • Added control interface commands for PLAY, NEXT and PREV.

  • Allowing download, upload and delete of backup tar-files.

  • Removed SW-update file from backup-tar.

  • Removing downgrade option on restore.

  • Adding setup of CS-1.

  • Encoded packed version of “system logs” with much more details for better support possibilities.

  • Handling extended ASCII stream-name and backup names from web.

  • Firmware updates to HDMI board:

  • EDID : No-sink case has HDMI 2.0 block up to 600MHz, SCDC, DC420

  • EDID : No-sink case has HDR10 and HLG support enabled

  • EDID : No-sink case for 4k50 and 4k60 formats have 420 support

  • EDID : DeepColor 4:2:0 support in HDMI2 block

  • EDID : Forward HDR and Colorimetry blocks separately without requiring HDR10 support

  • EDID : Support for HDR block luminance data forwarding

  • EDID : Don’t convert 4:2:0 Capability Map Block to 4:2:0 Video Data Block

  • EDID : Forward 420CAP if it exists, else forward 420VDB if it exists, don’t forward both

  • Bugfixes:

  • Bluetooth remote improvements.

  • Handle tape-out demute when setup changes.

  • eARC improvement.

  • Added TIDAL as STREAMTYPE on control interface.

  • uPnP was sometimes starting after other sources was done playing.

  • Other uPnP Client improvements.

  • TidalConnect problem with UTF-8 hostnames.

SW2.1.0 / February 2021

  • Fixing bonjour/WAC issue caused by TIDAL introduction in 2.0.0
  • Improved TIDAL start from network standby
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Is there any reason to use this since Roon can already do the decoding and the Lyngdorf does not render anyway? I get why it might matter without Roon.

TDAI can decode up to 384Khz. Roon does only the first un-fold up to 96kHz.
However, as far as I know, no redender is applied in TDAI 3400.

I don’t think that is true. It seems the Lyngdorf does the first unfold only, same as Roon. This is from the specs list on their website:

Mediaplayer: Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DLNA Support (uPnP), Airplay, Local file playback (USB), Internet Radio (vTuner), MQA Core Decoder (output is 88.2kHz or 96kHz)

Actually I just tried with a 192khz MQA album on Tidal. If I decode in Roon it only goes to 96khz but if I set the Lyngdorf as a decoder/renderer Roon shows it as a full decode to 192khz. It still downsamples to 96khz for RoomPerfect but that’s at least some difference. In the signal path in Roon it indicates that the Lyngdorf is doing full MQA decoding and rendering but I don’t believe that’s true.

That means as I suggested that Lyngdorf does more than the first unfold. Re-creation og higher sampling than 96 khz requires more than the first unfold, as this only gives 96 Khz. But there is no filter redering applied. Not possible in a full digital architecture.

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Is it showing that it decoded it or is it just showing what the original sample rate would be if it could decode it?

It’s fully decoded to 192khz.

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