Lyngdorf TDAI3400: some options not available

Hi there,

I can’t find any DSD-settings for this device, while using it via RAAT.
Via USB out I can get some DSD-options but not all of them.
In both ways I cannot choose “exclusive mode” (it just isn’t there).

What can be the issue?

Hi @Peter_Neirinck,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio as well as screenshots of Device Setup for this device?


Here’s a screenshot of the audio settings for my TDAI3400 connected to USB:

And here’s that same screenshot but now connected to that same TDAI3400 via Roon Ready (LAN):


  • In both cases there’s no “exclusive mode”
  • In case of RAAT/Roon Ready there’s no DSD-strategy there
  • In case of USB OUT there’s DSD-strategy, but no choice fort “native”, while the TDAI3400 perfectly decodes DSD-files as far as I know, unless it’s doing DoP (the manual doesn’t tell).

Thanks for helping out

@dylan @Peter_Neirinck,

I have a Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 and I fully recognize the situation Peter is reporting.

The USB input port of the TDAI 2170 is capable of processing DSD files upto DSD128. Despite this specifications I cannot choose DSD native for this device. The only possible choices are:

  1. “Convert to PCM”,
  2. “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)”
  3. “Initial dCS method”

I’d like to know how I get native DSD streaming. On this moment my Roon setup is “Encusalating DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)” which gives extra overhead and unnecessary use of bandwitch.

Furthermore Roon is not recognizing my Lyngdorf TDAI 2170. On the “Device Setup page” Roon is reporting: “Unidentified Device” and “Lyngdorf Audio A/S”. Isn’t this strange because Lyngdorf is a Roon Partner or has it todo that the TDAI 2170 is not Roon Ready? If so, what should my Device Setup then?

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Many of the above concepts just don’t apply when you are networked. These settings are managed automatically for Roon Ready devices.

What does that mean for not-Roon-Ready devices like the Lyngdorf TDAI 2170. Is it possibly to configure this device manually to stream native DSD?

Alfred, I am considering getting a TDAi-3400, so I am interested in this issue. Below is what the Roon Knowledge Base says on this issue. Using the USB connection, it appears that the first test would be to use “Convert to PCM” and see how that sounds. If that doesn’t sound good, it seems the next option would be "DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP). As far as using Roon Ready (Ethernet connection), supposedly the Lyngdorf’s settings have been recognized by Roon, so the options are set by default by Roon, thus not many options. As you already know, the TDAi-2170 is not Roon Ready; only the TDAi-3400 is Roon Ready.

Finally, I contacted Flemming Smith, a marketing executive at Lyngdorf about whether USB or network connection was best, and he reported: “We have not experienced any problems with any of the connections – and honestly spoken, I cannot detect ANY difference in quality.” If it were me, I would stick to network streaming, as this is typically what Roon recommends in the case of a Roon Ready device. Hope this helps!

DSD Playback Strategy

If you didn’t go out and buy a “DSD DAC”, or you don’t know what that means, leave this setting at the default “Convert to PCM” value and stop reading right now.

If you did buy a DSD DAC, this is the approach we recommend:

  • If Roon offers “Native” as an option, set it up that way and try out some DSD files. If everything works, great you’re done. If things do not work, unplug your USB cable, and power cycle the DAC–some DACs misbehave after failed attempts at Native DSD playback.
  • If “Native” playback wasn’t an option or it didn’t work, try “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)”.
  • If that doesn’t work, you either
    • Don’t have a DSD DAC after all
    • Have a bit-perfect playback problem.
    • Have a very rare and early DAC that needs the “Initial dCS method” setting. If your DAC wasn’t manufactured by dCS, this probably isn’t you.
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Hi Micheal,

Thanks for your reply!!

I am using “DSD over PCM” for a while now and it is playing fine. As the TDAi-2170 does not have a ethernet port, I am using the USB port from the extra installed USB-module. The sound quality is great!

Roon does not recognize the native DSD capabilities from the Lyngdorf. From posts on this forum I understand this has to do with the device dabase in Roon. Manufacturers from audio devices has to report the capabilities for their devices to Roon Labs. I assume that Lyngdorf has not reported the native DSD capabilities for their amplifiers, which is very pity. Probably you can ask Flemming Smith to take action (I dare to suggest this because you wrote that you have contact with you have contact with him)!

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Hi Alfred, it’s good to have your feedback. Glad to hear that you are successfully playing DSD with your TDAi-2170. I will contact Flemming (he responds quickly to questions) and see whether Lyngdorf can report its capabilities to Roon for the native DSD option. I am looking forward to getting a TDAi-3400.

I notice you write TDAI-2700 where it should be TDAi-2170. Right?

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Alfred, thanks for pointing out my error. I’ve edited my post. Cheers!

Hi Alfred, I contacted Flemming and he confirmed that Lyngdorf has communicated with Roon regarding DSD capability and Lyngdorf TDAi-3400. Here’s what he wrote to me:
It is correct that we inform ROON what the TDAi-3400 will accept through the network – but no, the TDAi will not accept DSD files through ROON (but DSD files have to be converted to PCM at some stage in the process – DSD is a transmission format only, and has to be converted to analog or PCM for signal processing).
Best regards,
Flemming Smith
Lyngdorf Audio
So Roon will not permit native DSD streaming to the Lyngdorf TDAi-3400. But, as with the TDAi-2170, there are other quality choices, such as “convert to PCM” or “DSD over PCM,” which you are using. Hope this helps.

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Hi Micheal, thanks for your help and for asking Flemming. It clears a question which I have for several months now. Thanks for that!
Best regards!

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