Lyric search & Resizable album art grid

It took me a while to switch over to Room from Plex, and I’m happy I did. However, with large libraries, it can be difficult to remember the name of that one song that hangs in your mind with only a fuzzy lyric to recall. Can we please start indexing available lyrics and make them searchable? MySQL can do this quite simply using the SOUNDEX and similar natural speech recognition formats, so I’m sure you can make this happen.

Second, please add a slider bar that adjusts the size of the album/artist grid view. The current view is so damn small from more than a foot away that it’s basically useless trying to browse your library from anything other than a traditional desktop/monitor setup.
Room looks great on the big screen, but the UI and Artwork MUST be able to scale easily with a slider.



Fairly new here in regards to feature requests. Is there a history of community-driven features making the changelog? Is there any sort of town hall where they discuss and prioritize upcoming features or functionality?

I’m very much looking forward to this functionality.



The Roon UI is just too small and cluttered to be easily browsable. We need be able to increase the margins around album art as well as scale the artwork size.

Regarding the lyrics fuzzy-search.
We need something like this in Roon:

Switching from Artist view Albums to show all Albums drops the display size. Even keeping the original size would be a start


A scalable (and completely responsive/auto-layout) UI would be great.