Lyrics displayed on “I started a Joke” by Bee Gees

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On the Album - The Record - Greatest Hits - Bee Gees. The lyrics for song “I started a Joke” are completely false. Don’t know how such false lyrics got into your metadata but these lyrics start by saying “When I was small and Christmas trees were tall” - total false lyrics to Bee Gees hit song. Song is from Qobuz.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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I find that fascinating. On the version I have, associated with the original album, the lyrics are as shown…I wonder why the lyrics to the same song would be different for different releases (although maybe the version I have, which runs 3:10, is different than the one on the greatest hits?)

I always wonder why it matters? Unless you’re using Roon for some professional purpose?? I think Roonies must be the most anal retentive bunch ever.

So that we don’t :wink:


They are at least lyrics from a Bee Gees song… :slightly_smiling_face:

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