Lyrics follow the song [SOLVED]

I would like the lyrics to change when the song changes. So if I have the lyrics window open and next song comes on, the lyrics change. Doesn’t make sense to open and close the lyrics each time if listening to full album.

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I would prefer that browsing and playback remain separate, but an option to display lyrics for the currently playing track in the playback queue screen would be cool. There may be multiple streams so mixing it with browsing would be a problem.

My version of Roon does this. I leave the lyric screen up and it changes to the current song lyrics. Am I missing something?

What I would like is the ability to leave the lyric window open so that I can browse and not have to hunt it up again.

So it does work when you hit the lyric icon from the playlist queue at the top under the album. If you hit the icon to the right of the song, it only shows for that song. I’m fine with this. Just never thought to hit icon at top.

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The lyrics do change to the next song, but the browsing state (at the bottom by then) doesn’t change.

On a refresh of lyrics the view should jump to the top: the beginning of the next lyrics.