Lyrics showing shoud be improved

Hi rooners,

I wonder if the lyrics features present on the desktop client and on remotes (iPhone, iPad) can be improved.

  1. there are too few lyrics, only the “mainstreams” music contains lyrics. In the future could you think to enlarge the database?

  2. it’s very unconfortable to me to read lyrics from remotes, including my iPad Pro). The screen of lyrics must be FULL SCREEN SIZE not only a window inside the remote. And this also for the client on the desktop of Roon. It can be improved in the future?

  3. Words on lyrics can’t be selected. Why this? Usually is fine to select them, for example for traslate a word or just to copy and paste a phrase that I like.

  4. The text size is forgotten by the remote the next time that I open it, so, everytime I need to enlarge the fonts once again.


It would be very useful, especially now that Apple has implemented the translation function of the selected texts.

All of the roon interface is displayed through what’s effectively a game engine so can’t be selected as text. It would need a rewrite of the gui.