M1 Mac HQP crashes on startup

Hi all I have been playing with HQP on an M1 Mac
After going through some testing of settings and exporting them when working well, I changed the DSD settings and since then HQP is crashing on startup. I have removed the App and reloaded it but it is still happening.
So the key question for me is where does HQP store it’s config file on the Mac?
I could not find anything in my home directory when I looked there besides my export settings.

Thanks in advance

Tagging the Maestro @jussi_laako

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Thanks for that.
I was assuming one of the experts might know this already and we might not need Jussi :wink:

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The path from the root level of your drive is /Users/<your_user_folder>/.hqplayer/

Option 1:

  1. In Finder press: command-shift-G
  2. Type: ~/.hqplayer

Option 2

  1. If you have show hidden files set to true in finder then you can just go right to the folder from a finder window.

It’s a hidden folder so it begins with a period. If you create a folder in macOS and put a period in front of it, it becomes hidden.

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Thanks for that I will have a look later today :+1:

The only other files are:

A file in the users preferences folder.

And some cache files folder buried in private/var/… … …

I believe the setting.xml file hidden in the User folder is the one you are looking for though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: no coffee yet today. Gotta fix that. :coffee:

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Thanks for clarifying, I have had my 2 so I am at my limit for the day

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My problem is I like coffee for the taste of coffee. So finding a good tasting decaf is tough. Lol

I enjoy Strong coffee, but Decaf feels wrong.
I move on to black early grey tea and then (naturally decaf) Red Buh, and I am generally happy.
If I have a long heavy session at the keyboard I might sneak a 3rd but mostly I manage with the first two.
It’s a big drop down from 5 or 6 double espressos a day :rofl:


settings.xml is in ~/.hqplayer folder

Before deleting the file, please email me the one that is causing crashing so I could try to figure out reason for the crash.

Thanks Jussi and no problem.
I was using some settings for DSD from one of your posts in the preferences as opposed to playback settings.
Do you want a copy of the error log on screen as well?

What is your email address?

Yes, you could email me both. You can use support at signalyst dot com email address (trying to avoid posting plain email addresses to reduce amount of spam).

If you are on latest HQPlayer version and downloaded it before Dec 28th, please download again and reinstall. I fixed a crash issue in third party component.

OK thanks I should be done working in a couple of hours.
I probably downloaded it a week or two before that so I will get a new version thanks

Thanks Jussi, @dabassgoesboomboom and @ffk for help deleting the file and running it again to create a new file. I then imported my saved settings and all was working again.
Appreciate the help as I had been looking at that for several days and could not find the folder.

Jussi I have emailed you the crash screen and the settings.xlm file