M1 MacBook Pro or Trashcan Mac Pro or Mac Studio

So I have Roon running on my M1 MacBook Pro (ARC is working fine also, at least when the laptop is awake) which is connected to a Qutest DAC and this works perfect.

Now in order to have ARC working at all times I wonder if I should move my Core to the Mac Studio Ultra or to a dedicated trashcan Mac Pro (Quad Core Intel Xeon E5 which is stuck on Monterey).

This would mean that my MacBook Pro / Qutest should act as a Roon control device.

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Both the trash can Mac and the Mac Studio have more than enough power to run the Roon core. I personally run my core on an old (2012) Mac mini stuck on Catalina. The benefit is that it’s always on and connected through ethernet to my network.

I use a Mojo 2 with my MacBook Pro and use it as a remote of my Roon core. It works perfectly when I’m working away from my desk.

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If the issue is that the MacBook sleeps, you can use an app called Amphetamine to keep it always awake. If it’s permanently plugged in you may also want to use an app called Al Dente to set the battery to charge no more than 50% or so (I didn’t do this and now my macbook battery is exploding).


Actually I could set up my MacBook that it never sleeps and ARC works perfect. As my former boss on engineering always said : never change a winning team, so I’m gonna keep it like that for the moment.

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