M10 Connection Question

Perhaps the world’s dumbest question. Just for reference, I’m a longtime audiophile and a former documentation writer for a now defunct audio electronics firm. So I’m not a moron about electronics, just about streaming integrated amps and their networked connectivity.

The question is, can you just hook the M10, through ethernet, to your network and not only stream audio through BluOS, or Roon, but also listen to your system output, for things like youtube or games? Or does that have to go separately into the SPDIF or Opt in?

The reason I ask is, right now, I have a plain old DAC connected to my Mac via USB. Roon sees it and plays audio. Tidal and Spotify see it; and my system sees it. So if I want to play an Apple TV movie, or something from Netflix, Amazon or Youtube in the browser, it plays that too.

I’d like to directly connect the M10 to my Mac and play everything. I have no need to access it from other rooms or other devices. So can I just run from my Mac—>Network Switch—>M10—>Speakers, and play everything? Or does it have to be Ethernet for Roon, BluOS, etc and “Other” for system sounds, browser audio and such?

just connect your Mac with Airplay2 to the M10 …

With respect, that’s not what I asked.

That’s the answer and only way you can do it with out connecting optical out of the mac to the M10.

Ahh. Got it. Does Airplay 2 stream bit-perfect up to 24/192, or at all? If not, I guess a USB format converter will have to do. I was saving the optical-in for my PC.

No you cant do that I am afraid. 44.2/16 is Airplay max. So usb to Spdif would work the same as having a DAC connected. However Roon will only see the usb converter and what it can do not your DAC. If that’s not an issue then go for it.

I suppose Roon on the Ethernet connection and everything else–my DAW, for example–through another output. Rhetorical question, I suppose, but what do some manufacturers have against a plain-jane asynchronous USB input? Even on the M33. Far more people use USB than, say, AES/EBU. Ah well. Thanks. I’d be grateful for any other ideas.

I agree likely budget as quality usb implementation isn’t always available on some expensive DACs.

No, but the M10 is one of the few amps with an eARC HDMI port to connect with eARC or ARC compatible TVs. eARC is the newest connection standard. An M10 could completely replace a receiver in a 2 channel setup.