M2Tech Young DAC mk III

It seems to be excellent and just the DAC I need to allow my high-end system to play DSD. However, M2Tech does not seem to be among Roon’s tech partners. Should I expect to have problems linking the Roon Core on my PC to this DAC?

Ulf Lundin
A Swede in the south of France

No, one of the users of RoPieee owns this DAC as well, so Roon Core won’t have a problem with ith either.

Thank you so much! Your kind reply also made me aware of RoPiee. It seems to be done for people like me. Not much techy savvy and just like to have things up and running in a simple way without too much of problems.

But Rapberry Pi is just a board, which I suppose has to be put in a box of some kind. Where can I find more information on how to put it together?

Best regards