M4p in Roon still not solved

I know that there are already several threads around the m4p issue, but somehow it still seems to be unsolved. I have transferred my iTunes/Music library to my NAS and pointed Roon (also living on the NAS) towards it. For 75% of the music that worked really well. However, there are about 500 tracks that have been copied and do show up in the respective folder on the NAS, but are not recognised by Roon. All of them are m4p format, bought in iTunes over the past 10 years or so. It’s not just very old purchases. The issue seems to be that these files are protected, which is weird because they were purchased over many years.I’ve tried a few of the free converters on the net, but none was successful. They all produce an error message.
Of course I could sit down over Christmas and find them all in Qobuz, but not all of them are in Qobuz and anyway, Have already paid for them in iTunes.
Any ideas what else I could try?

I’m not sure what you are asking.

I’m looking for a way to use the afore mentioned files in Roon.

As you know, M4P files are protected files from iTunes, so you cannot play them in any other player. The trick around this is if you have an iTunes Match subscription you can delete the M4P files and then re-download them from iTunes Match. This will give you M4A files that are not protected and can then be used outside of iTunes.


There is no way to use those files, as you say they are copy protected.

You could use a batch converter such as TuneClone.

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There is a possibility that Itunes offers these files unprotected right now. Go to your purchases and see if you can download them again.

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If you are comfortable with using the command line, I believe you can convert m4p with ffmpeg.

Not m4p as they are encrypted

Thanks Peter. I tried this and you were right. With very few exceptions all songs reappeared as m4a after I deleted the old download and downloaded them again.

Thank you also to all the other suggestions that came in. Much appreciated!
Happy new year!

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