Mac as Roon endpoint

I want to use a Mac (mini) as Roon endpoint for my Roon Essentials on an ELAC Discovery music server.

Roon Essentials supports only Roon endpoint, but not Roon bridges. In the download area I found only the Roon bridge. Which software can be used to create a Roon endpoint? Or is it not possible?

Please note that Roon and Roon Essentials are different products, and support for the latter isn’t available in this forum. For support, please visit the ELAC website.

Nonetheless, the software you require may be available here:

Please forget the context with Roon Essentials … it works with standard Roon endpoints.

And my question is only if it is possible to install a software which makes the Mac to a standard Roon endpoint? Ok, it’s possible to access the Mac via Airplay, but I’m searching for a solution for a real Roon endpoint.

On Roon Labs’ Download page you will find Roon Bridge for Mac.

This should create a Roon Endpoint. If it doesn’t work with Roon Essentials, then you will need to take it up with Elac.

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Likewise, the link I provided has a download for macOS. Typically, the control app also includes connectivity for USB DACs connected to the Mac Mini.

Roon Bridge may not work since it was updated for Roon 2.0.

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