Mac mini Audio Output Hifi DSD


I’ve just set up a Mac Mini M1 as a Roon Core and its all working well although I’m not 100% sure I’ve set it up correctly as I don’t know what the final Audio Output is, I’ve got a USB cable running to a Nobsound Douk Audio U2 USB Converter to Toselink and then into my NAD C368 amplifier. Or that’s what I want to do…

Have I selected the right Audio on the Mac, it sounds good but I’m not 100% sure, I’ve attached a screenshot of the path.

Many Thanks

If the Mac mini / douk audio is what you named the endpoint, looks like you should be good. That is what it looks like.

Is it not working?

What audio path it goes to is part on the track and part on how you have the DAC configured if configurable and what capabilities it has.

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Your output is MQA post first unfold, so 88.2khz at 24 bits. That should be processed losslessly by the USB to spdif converter. So that is what the DAC sees. However Roon is blind to anything beyond the USB interface so can’t show you in the signal path.

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Hi…I think its working but I’m not sure what DSD is. I’ve got this set up and and a Bluesound Node 2i both going into my amp (NAD C368) via optical in and using the amps DAC, so I was expecting them to sound the same, but they don’t. The Mac Mini sounds like its outside and the BS inside, one doesn’t sound “better” than the other, just different. I’d like to get rid of the Node if the quality was the same in both…

I hadn’t really thought of that and I guess I’ll never know how the NAD C368 amp/Dac and KEF LS50 Meta’s are performing? Cheers

I think you can assume they are doing OK if it sounds good and knowing the pedigree of both companies.

@Simon_Tippett DSD is just another format to listen to music, I’m sure other users can go more into depth with that.

However, I did look up your amplifier and the DAC’s on it support up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM so you would need to get a separate DAC to achieve DSD.

Cheers…So will the DAC in the NAD be running at it full capability of 24/192? I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Cheers, to be fair I do really like both, just trying to make sure they are getting what they can into them quality wise…Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes it does support 24/192 PCM, you can up sample through Roon.

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This is a good explanation:

From Paul McGowan, CEO of PS-audio. He pretty much knows his ■■■■■


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