Mac mini HDMI out to Sony HDMI input to ARC output to Sonos ARC

I am giving serious consideration to downsizing my LR system from a 5.1 AVR and assorted speakers with a Sonos ARC soundbar. It is my understanding that the Sonos can be a Roon endpoint and/or play Roon through Airplay, albeit in CD quality only.

Here’s what I am wondering: If I set up a Mac mini using Roon Bridge and connect it by HDMI to my Sony TV, will the Sony arc play back Stereo and MCH through the Sonos ARC? I know it will work from a Mac mini through an AVR (audio and video from the core), but I wonder if it will work as an audio only input from the TV arc to the soundbar.

Has anyone tried this and succeeded or failed? Theoretically it should work fine, with better SQ than Airplay, but practically it may fail miserably.

Sales guy at Best Buy has no clue.

I think I do something similar to what you’re describing with my Oppo 203 connected by HDMI to LG OLED TV then HDMI to my Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar with rear surrounds and subwoofer. The Oppo 203 is a Roon Ready device connected by ethernet. It sounds really good IMHO.

Best Buy has a good return policy if it doesn’t work like you want.

I have tried successfully using the other Oppo audio only HDMI out to the soundbar, but switching input on the Bose is somewhat of a pain.

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