Mac Mini Not Updating to 1.6

I´m having the same problem, My Roon Core won´t update. I use a mac mini, OSX 10.13.6 (17G65) for the core.

Hi @Martin_Stinessen,

I have split your post to better assist here. Can you please try rebooting your Core + Networking Gear and try again as the first troubleshooting step?


I already restarted the computer, are you suggesting i restart the router aswell?


This is what it looks like.

Hi @Martin_Stinessen/ @Pluto

Please reboot both your Core and Router to see if this helps.


Is there a way to reboot the Core without rebooting the computer?
I have just rebooted the router, no change in the update.

Hi @Martin_Stinessen,

You can reboot the Roon App on your PC but rebooting the PC itself may help more than just the app.

– Noris

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