Mac Mini or NUC

Im currently running Roon Core on a 2018 Mac mini i3 3.6 with the core loaded onto an internal flash .I have 2TB of Flacs on a spinning usb connected HD.Ram is maxed out
Would I benefit in any way by changing to a NUC 8th gen i5/i7 ?
I also have 2 spare ultra fast Nvme cards that I would like to use somewhere in my setup, would be nice inside a NUC if this is possible ?
Any ideas ?
Is there a NUC that would carry 2 x 2TB Nvme ?

I picked up a NUC10i7 and installed ROCK. A 256GB m.2 and a 4TB SSD
I was running Roon Core on a NUC that had other duties and would run into issues with losing connectivity (all endpoints that matter are hooked up via ethernet) so far the ROCK has run very well. Though I did go and install a fanless case, has been nice but check back with me in a few weeks to see how it goes though I’m sure others will pipe in as I’m a neophyte with roon

Thankyou for the reply.

I would like everything in the one unit if possible rather than connected drives

What’s the problem you want to solve?

Any lack on cpu resources with the i3?
Want to reduce the box count?
Want to use the m2 nvme’s/get rid of the spinning disk?

There exist enclosures for m2 nvme, that might answer some of your desire without breaking the bank.
If cpu resources would be the issue I would go for a newer generation of the nuc, not sure if they exist for double m2.

Hi. I’m not sure what the problem is - if you need to choose between a MacMini and something else, go for the MacMini. Mine is almost 10 years old - so old that I can’t upgrade its OS any longer. It works perfectly with the current ROOS server app and reads a cheap 3.5" USB drive for my in house music collection which is backed up elsewhere JiC.

If you have to buy one, the new M1 MacMini sells for just $699, or eBay is full of earlier generation models.

Its really the fact that I have these 2 Nvme cards 2TB each which could run and store all my flacs on.
1 unit with all internal storage would be nice.I don’t know anything about NUCs but have been told its an upgrade from the Mac

A NUC should be cheaper than a mini, but a mini I guess could last longer but it may depend if you want to use it for other duties.

I don’t think a NUC allows two Nvme cards, the one I got
Allowed one plus one 2.5 drive.

Refer to the docs on the url below.

I had a drive so in the uk is was £700 for a mini against £242 plus memory for a NUC.

I just run Linux on the NUC and it just does Roon core duties.

How about 2x Nvme in a mini.Solely used for Roon

How about you add ram to the Mac mini. 32 GB is $130. Then buy a OWC Express 4M2 external enclousre. Has 4 M.2 slots. Put both of your 2 TB in that. Can use, if you wish, the MacOS disk utility and Raid the drives. Still have 2 slots to add addition M.2 for growth.

I had my old core running on a 2012 Mac book pro, I updated to an 8th gen NUC.

The difference was only the speed of browsing, so I’d say if you unhappy with the current browsing speed it may be worth the upgrade. For me it was over twice as fast.

Set and forget.


I just went through this myself and I’m quite pleased with ROCK. The specs were overkill for my needs, but the prices were really good and figured I could repurpose for something else if I didn’t like ROCK.

256GB m2
2x 16GB RAM

Also configured a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ropieee as an endpoint to my DAC. It’s been great having the “always on appliance” approach.

Did you swap from a Mac mini ?

In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter which route you go, Mac mini or NUC (except cost, of course). What matters is the endpoint! I am happy with both, a Mac mini and a SonicTransporter i5, except that the Mac mini is so much more powerful. The SonicTransporter (which, I understand is basically a Nuc i5) can be a bit troublesome at times.

Both connect via Ethernet to a Raspberry Pi 4. Works like a charm!

So you choose whichever route suits you better.

Yes. I had a 2018 Mac Mini i5 that I upgraded to 32GB of RAM. I used it as my main PC and Roon Core with my DAC connected via USB. It was fine, but sometimes I had to wake it from sleep so I could control it from a remote and sometimes it lost connection to my DAC (a reboot would fix).

So far the NUC running ROCK has been awesome. The always on appliance aspect is great. Seems snappier when I connect via remotes as well (iOS devices).

I also have an Akasa fanless case coming in tomorrow to make it really a Nucleus light. All in it was $538, so more affordable than a Mac Mini and way more affordable than a Nucleus+ and with better specs.


I built a NUC 10 and threw a 4TB SSD in it
Has been running well though in the lsat couple of weeks starting up a stream takes a couple of seconds. Not sure what is going on.

agree ; and i have been running Roon on a mac mini