Mac OS Monterey 12.2 and Roon Core - RAM usage finally fixed?

Has anyone else noticed that core RAM usage finally seems to be under control in Monterey 12.2? With previous versions I found that RAM would start reasonably low, then gradually creep up, necessitating a restart of the core every couple of days or so.

Since installing 12.2 I’ve noticed a change: RAM usage does go up, but then goes down again. I’ve been watching Activity Monitor for about an hour now, and RAM usage is stable at 4.16 GB. It goes up to about 4.5 GB (or thereabouts) but then drops back to 4.16 GB. Fingers crossed it carries on like this :crossed_fingers: :pray: :eyes:

a fluctuation of 340MB is nothing.

My point is that Roon is releasing memory, i.e. it goes up, then it goes down again. I’m fairly sure that prior to 12.2 memory (on my system at least) didn’t get released at all - it was just a gradual increase that, at some point, required the core to be restarted. So no, a “fluctuation of 340MB” is clearly not nothing.

My RoonServer running for 14 days on Monterey 12.1 are stable around 7.5 GB of RAM now. I will upgrade to 12.2 and report back, hope it will settle lower. For a non-GUI relative simple service, it should.

There maybe something about my system that was causing the issue as it seems that 12.2 has fixed a memory leak in quite a few native and 3rd party apps. For example, I found that WindowServer increased its RAM usage over time (this seems to have stopped), as did Dropbox and a few other 3rd party apps. After a day or so memory pressure would creep up to the point where I’d need to restart various apps, and after a week or so I’d need to log out or restart to get back to anything like normal RAM usage. Let me know how you get on with 12.2.