Mac Remote for NAD and most other bluOs devices Universal Binary


I have written a small app to control my NAD M33 from my Mac, I’m only using Roon for my streaming needs but I don’t want to use the BlueOS Controller to change settings on the NAD.

You can get the software for free and more explanations here:

Hopefully it is compatible with all bluOS devices but I only tested it against my M33.



Looks nice. But with the right IP it does not find my powered on M33. Used on a MacBookPro MX1.
Any idea?
Best regards, Lutz


Is your M33 connectected by wifi or an ethernet cable?

Can you post a capture of the bluos official app showing the IP of the player and one of the configuration of my remote?

I uploaded a new version that will allow a longer delay for the player detection, hopefully this should fix your problem if your IP is correct.

Perfect. Thank you. Now it works fine.
The M33 is connected by ethernet.
After the IP has been accepted i just had to restart the Mac to get the Dot and the M33 Name in the menubar. Bevor it has been missing. Maybe a hint for others installing this nice little program.

Also i can tell you it works fine with my M10v2. Its easy to change the IP when using the other amp :slight_smile:

Best regards, Lutz

Good to know! I will perhaps add a way to toggle between players…

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I added hotkeys for Back, Play/Pause and Skip. You can know add more than one IP and select the active player.

Works fine. Is it possible to add a standby button?
Thank you for your work and sharing.

The Bluos API don’t have a standby function API, I don’t think there is a way to do than over the network. If anyone has an idea that should be simple and cost effective, I would look into it.

A small device that can send IR commands and be triggered via the LAN would OK to send the OFF command.

OK, got the Standby working, NAD have had the great idea to add a network API with the missing BluOs options. New version uploaded.

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Works perfect now.
I added " „Application is agent (UIElement) “ in the info.plist and set the value to “Yes”. I don´t need the App-Icon in the Dock while running.

Yeah, good idea! I added an option in the menu to show/hide the Dock Icon.

Thx for the idea.

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Just for information.
It also works with a Bluesound Pulse Mini i2. Only Standby does not.