Mac vs Windows Performance?

I have come to despise Apple eco-system, with the exception of iOS devices. Notice, both posts here involve macOS. To my recollection I’ve never seen this complaint about PC.

For the record, I run Roon Server on a mid-2011 i5-based Mac mini (8GB RAM) and don’t have any issues. Currently, I upsample all DSD-based source material to DSD256 and all PCM-based material to either 352 or 384kHz. No dropouts, no stuttering.

@xxx, we know you didn’t like your Mac mini. Have a ball with Windows, but there’s really no need to be pushing the anti-Mac stuff.

Link to the evidence, please.

The OP’s MBP is 8–9 years old and runs on a Core 2 Duo, so yes, that’s a potential problem.

@David_Blumenstein clearly has an issue that needs to be identified and then, most likely, can be easily solved.

Oh, c’mon.

When you’ve earned your living for the past 30 years or so depending on a particular minority computing platform, and much of that work has involved troubleshooting files from both Mac and Windows users, yeah, the “toy computer” stuff can get a little wearing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: