Macbook and iMac remote updates in 1.3

My Core (on a Mac Mini-Media Room) and iPad remote updated automatically on startup of the app to 1.3 the morning after it was rolled out.

Not so with my Macbook or iMac. I get an error message that says one of the two devices listed need an update. The Core has a checkmark next to it indicating it is running 1.3. The iMac listing on the same page indicates an update is required but there is no link to obtain the update and in fact will not run Remote (from 1.2) and will not let me update to 1.3.

When I search the Community database for remote update answers, there is a link to the downloads page in Roon which takes you to the Apple Store -which only has updates for iPhone/iPad.

Where do I find the remote downloads for Macbook and iMac? the iPad update was loaded automatically and runs fine. I am only running one core, but want the remotes in whatever location I am in, which is why I had remotes in 1.2 for Macbook and iMac which worked very nicely. Where is the download link for Macbook and iMac?

A big thanks for the Roon team efforts to bring out this new release.

I have not had the chance to explore 1.3 yet, but hoping there will be better tools for managing the errant 6,000 tracks that are shown in my database by themselves (or with a few other tracks separate from the entire album) or with the wrong artwork. Have had minimal success in combining album listings and tracks into the original album contents. Probably invested 20+ hours in this and gave up. Waiting for this release to see if there are better tools.


I’m having the same problem. Hope my mini mac is not too old for this update. Using it as an endpoint.

Hi @Daniel_Greenberg, if the update didn’t happen automatically, you can visit to download 1.3. Just scroll down and click the blue Mac OSX button.

Thanks for the link.

On the referenced page there is a “Roon Remote”, Roon Server, and Roon links.

Do I not want the Roon Remote to avoid loading the Core software on my iMac and Macbook? I had a problem previously where I was installing and running Remote and Core on the machines that should only be running Remote. Had to reinstall to fix. Appreciate your insight into the specifics of just downloading a Remote app to run on Macbook and iMac.

I downloaded the full version then when you run it it asks you to choose between managing your library or running as a remote.


@Ratbert is correct, only iOS/Android is listed on the Downloads page under Roon Remote – you’ll want to just pull the normal Roon package.

When you launch Roon on your remote devices, you should be immediately prompted to connect to your core as a remote.

Ok-will try. Tnx for quick response.

Ok-worked on iMac. going to try Macbook now. Thanks