MacBook as bridge


I´m using a MacBook Air as an endpoint. It plays nicely and goes to sleep after 1 minute to save battery. It keeps playing until I change songs, then I have to wake the MacBook for it to play.

Going to sleep is generally a good thing as it saves battery and keeps the MacBook running as little as possible.

Any suggestions?

Best regards!

Hi @Ingemar_Hansson ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, very appreciated!

May I very kindly ask you to please share screenshots (“Battery” and “Power Adapter”) of the “energy saver” settings being applied to the MacBook Air acting as your RoonBrridge?



I am very thankful for your respons.

Here is the screenshot you asked for:

Sadly it´s in Swedish but it corresponds to the English version. I run the MacBook on battery only, it sound better. For now i run the energy saver all the way to the right at “never” and use the sreen saver intstead. It works that way and I don´t have to wake the Mac when i change songs.

It would be nice though, to be able to let the Mac go to sleep and have roon work anyway. I don´t know if thats possible right now but it would make a pleasant audiophile feature…:slight_smile:

And again, thankful for your respons.

Best regards!

Hi @Ingemar_Hansson ---- Thank you for getting in touch and providing the requested screenshot, both are very appreciated!

I am pleased to hear that the mentioned adjustment(s) to the “energy saver” has yielded the result you wanted :+1: Currently, the endpoint must be active in order for Roon to be able to communicate with it which is why the mentioned MacBook must stay awake. While I cannot make any commitments that this will ever change in the future you are always welcome to voice your opinion/idea in the feature request section of the community site as this is regularly monitored by our produce manager Mike and the DEV team.

Happy listening!