MACBOOK PRO 17 - No Audio Output - Internal Devices

Hello everyone:

Hardware: Macbook Pro 2011, i7

ROON: Rock OS 2.0 1349

So far I have always been able to access the internal audio devices on my server or connect devices there directly. Now it doesn’t work anymore. What is striking is that the devices do not have the IP of the Rook OS server. See pictures.

Does somebody has any idea?

Thanks and Greetings

further information:

I use a Macbook as a server and I wanted to use the other as a Roon endpoint. Both have ROCK OS installed.

The Audio Devices don’t show IP addresses - they never have. Perhaps you are thinking of the Settings > About screen?

What does yours show?

Can’t I use a second Macbook with Rock OS as an Emdpoint? It is timed and the internal devices also have an IP, but nothing comes to the analogue output (small headphones for testing)

![IMG_6941|640x447](upload://9UURmfRYCPt7kD1P3wUNR52vRvf.png) ![IMG_6942|640x447](upload://uzIQEizgaKwGVas5AsXe9Psk0FR.png) ![IMG_6943|640x447](upload://ceqv1McmEbp0kf4t7VbX5lCFxb9.png)

Can you repost your last message - perhaps you closed it before all the images had been uploaded…

Macbooks don’t run Roon OS (the OS installed by the ROCK installer). Do you mean ‘Roon Server’ on the MacBook? If so, you probably want to run the Roon application or, for operation without a GUI, “Roon Bridge”.

Roon Server is the server component which only needs to run on one device. Roon or Roon Bridge are the endpoint components.

ROCK on a NUC installs Roon OS with the Roon Server component but it also installs Roon Bridge so that it can use USB/HDMI output to a DAC as an endpoint.

Not quite. “Roon Bridge” is a downloadable package.

ROCK installs Roon OS and Roon Server, which includes the output component for driving audio devices. See Architecture.

I’m going to move this thread into Tinkering because you say that you have installed ROCK onto your Macs. That’s not a supported configuration, but some folks have done it and reported success in the Tinkering category. You’ll probably get more responses there.

In theory, you should be able to do this. Certainly works for ROCK/NUC systems - folks have added a ROCK/NUC system to their Roon setup in order to play multichannel audio over the NUC’s HDMI connection. You should be able to run multiple Roon Servers acting as endpoints, only one Roon Server needs to be authorised and be the “core” of the Roon ecosystem in your home network.