MacBook Pro, Node 2, Marantz sr7012. How can I configure to play DSD or .dsf files?

I am using Roon streaming from my MacBook Pro to a Node 2 hooked into a Marantz sr7012. How can I configure this setup to play DSD or .dsf files?

From the Marantz promotional text:

Play hi-res music via the front panel USB port and network sources, and also listen to other popular file types such as MP3.

This suggests that you are limited on any other input and that front port is not compatible as a DAC input, only a phone/USB drive input. I’d let the Node 2 handle all decode and DAC duties and use the analogue outs into your amplifier if your amp has them.

I am using the Node 2 as the “player.” I’m just wondering how to set it up to play DSD or .dsf files. If so, how do I do this? Will it play those types of files?

Nor the Node 2 and your amp seems to play DSD files natively. So you can’t play them or they will be “downsampled”.