MacBook sleep does it upset Roon server?

Hi all - I can see loads of posts about waking from sleep and such but I just wondered if closing my laptop with Roon server running upsets things? I only ask because I have recently split the Server/Control aspect on said MacBook so I can simply open up and then play music from any of my control points, such as iPad or iPhone without waiting for the interface to load and do its housekeeping. Since I have done this however I’ve noticed quite a few Qobuz connection error messages, and once or twice it has simply stopped playing and skipped onto next track.

Hello Tim.

Not sure if it is needed for Roon server, but for Roon ‘all in one’ I successfully use NoSleep if I want to keep it running on my MacBook air (Mojave) with the lid closed. There are quite a few similar utilities, but this one works for me.

Yes. No Sleep simple but effective also works for me.

Thanks guys, but it’s not that I want to keep it awake, I just want to know if going into sleep upsets Roon server? I don’t expect to stream whilst it’s asleep, but does simply closing the lid and sleeping my Mac when I’m not using it cause problems with Roon server when I open it up again to play music?


In my experience, no, sleeping your Mac won’t have any adverse effect on Roon Server - it will wake in much the same way as any other app.

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Thanks that’s great… must just have beenQobuz glitches then.

PS. I was thinking of getting a Mac Mini (2014’s seem to be quite cheap now) to perform server duties, but if I relegate the laptop to that task instead I’ll bear in mind Nosleep! :slightly_smiling_face:

An equally simple solution is to open the Terminal app and type ‘caffeinate’ (minus the quote marks). This will keep your Mac awake until you cancel the process (ctrl-C) or quit the app.

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My experience has been the opposite when my Mac (high Sierra) goes to sleep seemingly so does Roon logging back into the machine gets Roon going again i have Roon server running on a Mac mini that i’d prefer to go to sleep and do expect to be able to stream music seamlessly!

If the Mac mini is running your core and goes to sleep then you won’t be able to stream. The core needs to be awake to be functional.