macOS Catalina’s new security model broke Roon - how does this happen?

How does this happen when devs have months to prepare for new software. Roon won’t recognize external HDs anymore.


You can’t fix something that might change. It is wasted effort. You wait for a stable release then address what you find. Roon are aware of the issue so hang tight or roll back to what was there before.


Thankfully, Audirvana still works and Plex doesn’t have an issue either.

Hopefully it’s fixed in the next day or two.

Not just roon.
“Don’t Update to macOS Catalina Yet if You Use Photoshop or Lightroom.”


Yep, Apple exceeds expectations when screwing up perfectly good running software. I just downloaded it today I am now doing a “Restore” from Time machine to yesterday & prior to the install. Catalina made my webroot internet security program go wonky too. The computer should be back up and running ok in the morning. Hopefully that is.

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Never touch a new OS on a production machine until you either have a chance to test the waters on a spare setup or have waited for the all clear from any app developers for apps you rely on or use daily/regulalry.

I love being on the early adopters but I do due diligence for my important machines, devices and apps. I’ve been a beta tester since way back in the Windows 95 days and still do testing for apps and OS’s even now.


MacOS Catalina here on my MacBook Pro 15" 2017 model and I’ve had no issues with Roon surprisingly. I’m an IT guy so I’m aware of existing issues with certain software and Catalina but my MacBook Pro is not my main Mac.


I’ve seen similar bug reports with the beta versions of Catalina and Roon going back to June. The last few iterations of an OS release would not modify anything as significant as mounted volumes. Roon has some great functionality but they seem to be putting all their effort into making as many devices as possible “Roon-ready”, rather than making the Core as stable as possible.


Seems only external music storage is affected…at least thats the one most are making noise about. I ran it on a test beta some week ago and the production release as a test and no issue but not with full library access or external music storage.

Indeed, Roon cannot access external USB/Thunderbolt HDD/SSD (where my library is on)…

same problem with me - roon can’t see the external hard drive where my itunes folder is located.

I am truly fed up with having to live through such mayhem each time Apple sends an update to its users. I think it is time to no longer depend on iTunes. Can Roon support its own music library? If so, I’ll gladly move all my music to Roon. As for managing music on my various apple devices, I would simply manually import music from Roon into iTunes (rather than the other way around).

No need to have iTunes at all. Just point Roon to a drive/folder with a decently structured and tagged music library. I’ve made that move years ago and am not missing iTunes and Apple Music one bit. Music that I want to download to my phone gets handled through Plex, which accesses the exact same library of files.


Thank you! Can you direct me to a website for Flex?

sorry, Plex …

Same problem accessing my music on an external drive and backing-up roon database - frustrating to say the least

Client satisfaction is top priority, we all know that and I am very surprised that Roon does not consider it.

As a company I would prepare, prepare, prepare, see, and preempt what are coming,…

Media keys aren’t working either.

Even if the Roon devs ran Roon successfully on the Prerelease versions of Catalina, Apple has a nasty habit of introducing last minute changes that break things. The company I work for also makes Mac software, and it’s the same story there. It’s Apple’s fault, really. The sensible thing to do is hold off any large macos updates until your favorite software is certified to run on it. Guess the fanboys never learn😛


How does it happen? Simple - when you upgrade without checking this forum first.