Magic Radio - 2 streams to add again

I’m the manager of Magic Radio (or @Magic-Radio, and I’m happy to see that my station is listed into the roon radio directory, including the FLAC stream! Thank you for that.
Concerning Magic Radio, I would like to indicate that the different streams are using a frequency of 48khz and not 44,1khz :slight_smile: If you can correct that please.
Here all the available strems:
Stream 1 FLAC PCM 16bit/48kHz: http(s)://
Stream 2 320k/mp3 48kHz: http(s)://
Stream 3 192k/mp3 48kHz: http(s)://
Stream 4 96k/aac 48kHz: http(s)://
Stream 5 96k/opus 48kHz: http(s)://

Also, I was happy to see that 2 others streams I’m broadcasting were present into the directory, “Magic Radio - MaXXimum” and “Magic Radio - Proxima” but it has been removed apparently. I guess it’s because I’ve been obliged to stop temporarily these streams. Now it’s up again! So can you please add them again to the directory?

Magic Radio - MaXXimum
Description: A tribute to the famous former French radio station MaXXimum
Genre: 90s Dance
Stream 1 192k/mp3 44kHz: http(s)://
Stream 2 96k/aac 44kHz: http(s)://

Magic Radio - Proxima
Description: A tribute to the 90s pop music
Genre: 90s
Stream 1 192k/mp3 44kHz: http(s)://
Stream 2 96k/aac 44kHz: http(s)://


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Hello @Loic , welcome to Live Radio!

I’ve corrected the description of the Magic Radio streams and added two that we didn’t have. Unfortunately Roon can’t currently deal with the opus codec.

I have added Magic Radio - MaXXimum and Magic Radio - Proxima to the database. Please check if all OK.

Do you have better icons to use for these stations?
And is there a better geographical description than ‘France’?

You can add “France - Paris”.
For the icons here what I have.

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Hello again,

concerning “Magic Radio” can you please change the tag from “Decades” to “80s” or “1980s” (I think you prefer this tag), thanks!


I forgot, concerning the FLAC stream, the correct description is “FLAC 48kHz 16bit” and not 48000kHz :slight_smile: Thanks

Hello Loic, I’ve changed the tag.

Well spotted on the 48000khz error! This applies to all flac stations.

I’ll inform the Devs as it is something beyond my control.

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