Magical Mystery Band?

Formed in 1991 in Brazil

and have apparently played on all the Beatles early albums…

… Am I adding this spurious metadata or is it coming through Roon? I only have phone access to my core at the moment so can’t check.


Hi @Sloop_John_B,

The team is investigating this — Thanks for the report!

I’m seeing this also, so it must be coming through Roon.
From a quick check, it’s like this on lot of my The Beatles collection, but not on my 5.1 and Remix rips of Sgt. Pepper (but on other versions, both rips and from Tidal), and MMB is nowhere to be seen on Yellow Submarine (goes for both my own rip and from Tidal), also not on Love and No. 1, Abbey Road (all versions, both rips and all Tidal).