Mahler 2nd symphony - your favourite recording?

Dear all Mahler-lovers
I’m addicted to this music, and have been listening to it for more than 30 years. I consider it one of the absolute best pieces of music ever written, and is my “desert island - one piece of music”-music.
It would be nice to hear from other mahler-lovers which recording you like the most and why…

I seem to emember anothethread about this. gak need to fix my keyeboard

my favorite symphony, although in my opinion the 3rd one is amazing too. Listened a few of these recordings, but to be honest, just a few. I like an old one 1968 recorded at the Royal Concert Building in Amsterdam with Haitink as conductor.

Mahler is very popular in Amsterdam and those symphony’s are performed alot and Haitink was one of the best conductors in history

What makes this one great, the start, the world is totally demolished, the final chorus is so amazing. But what I love, the voice of Aafje Heijnis, get tears in my eyes when she starts singing

Bruno Walter (New York Philharmonic)

Walter was a friend of Mahle’rs, and it shows in his performances. Every nuance and coloration sounds carefully chosen.

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