Make Bio Text larger?

It is like every two weeks that I try to enlarge the text size.
I use a large screen off set to my angle of view, and always trying to adjust the text size when I read a Bio. Why not!!!

Yep, their lack of allowing user control over the font sizes and colors angers me to no end.

I have a hard time reading small font and I have trouble with dark fonts on light backgrounds, so I use the dark theme (thank god they have one), but I for the life of me have a huge problem with the friggin god dang blue font color on black/dark grey. It’s washed out and can barely read it.

If there’s one thing I could change about roon it would be the option to change the font colors and size. Mobile Roon would be nice too but I can live without it… having a hard time reading the typography is hard to live with for me.