Make devices permanent audio devices, even when turned off

I use my Macbook Air to play music when docked with USB cable going from dock to DAC. I find I have to frequently re-enable (and fix my settings since it defaults them every time this happens) the audio device (Settings > Audio > This Mac > CoreAudio) after being undocked for a while or if the DAC is turned off for a while. Anyway to make my Macbook Air a permanent audio device?


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Is your Macbook Air your Roon Core, or a Roon remote? If so, what device are you using as your Roon Core?

Remote/audio device. My core is a dedicated device.

Thanks for clarifying, @glc650.

Is your Macbook Air set to sleep? What are your settings in Energy Saver?

Yes, it is set to sleep plus the DAC it is connected to is turned off when not in use.

I just checked Roon again and my Air is missing as a device again:

The D90/Core Audio listing should be enabled and called Bedroom Dock (that’s what I keep renaming it to the dozen times I have re-enabled it to listen to Roon on my Air).

Hey @glc650,

Thanks for clarifying the details. What you are experiencing is actually expected behavior. It is only when devices are powered on and on the same network as your Roon Core that they appear in Settings → Audio and maintain their settings.

You can always set up your Mac not to go to sleep and keep your DAC turned on :nerd_face:

Shouldn’t it at least remember the settings though?

In another zone I have a Raspberry Pi hooked up via USB to a similar DAC and if I reboot the Pi it disappears as an audio device option (as expected) but as soon as it is ready again all I have to do is hit enable and my settings (including the name I gave it) are maintained.

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I am so sorry for having missed your post for a whole month, and just as sorry to say that no… settings are not remembered.

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Can we make that a feature request?

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Much delayed (apologies :pleading_face:), but your thread is now in the Feature Suggestions category. Other subscribers can chime in or just vote on the feature.

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Is this IP address related? Maybe your Mac is getting a new IP address between uses in Roon and that is why the end point settings are not retained?

My Macbook is definitely changing IPs - I’m changing network interfaces (wifi (undocked) to wired (docked) so it has to (can’t have same IP assigned to different MAC addresses on the same subnet).

Wether or not this is the reason why my end point settings are lost - I don’t know.

If it is it is pretty asinine to tie endpoint settings to an IP. The computer and DAC are still the same. And its the DAC that is ID’d as an audio device (with it’s settings/capabilities shown) in Roon anyway (not the streamer).

Plus the IP it gets when docked (and undocked for that matter) is always the same and it doesn’t always lose settings when re-docked. And it has lost settings when still on the dock while the DAC was simply off for a while. If it was just IP related I don’t think either of those would be the case.