Make Focus an "OR" operation instead of "AND"

Just to clarify, the old logic was not all OR.
For the whole pre-history and history, the focus logic has been:

  • Within one category, like label, its OR (so you can include all the ECM sub-labels)
  • Across multiple categories, such as label and genre, it was AND (so you can see Deutsche Gramophone choral)

This matched well the common cases, without having to get into Boolean logic.
Changed to all AND.


It will take some years and a lot of frustrated users (me included) and in the end maybe they’ll realize the power of views customization (JRiver)…

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I see what you mean. It’s a partial workaround, but as you mention yourself, it hasn’t got the functionality of the bookmark.

My bad - Bookmarks cannot be negated (I was not at my PC when I offered that idea). So this won’t work 100%. I’ll tinker some more to see if there’s other potential workarounds. Regardless, this should definitely be raised as a bug so at the very least they put it back to OR as it was.

Long term they should really expand the functionality so the user can choose AND/OR/NOT as needed. Not holding my breath though…


I have something like 40 Genres of music defined in my collection. About 5 relate to Jazz.

I wanted a focus group that includes all my Jazz, and nothing else, so I needed to make a group with 35 negative genres.

Then I have to save it as a “tag” and make a bookmarked focus group that includes that tag.

This is instead of just directly making a focus group with 5 positive genres - which is what I could do if there was an OR option in Focus.

Please tell me how this makes sense.

You need to bring back at least the option for the OR operation.


I am probably over-simplying and under-thinking it, but it seems the following could satisfy everyone:

Default: Show all albums that I own in CD AND Vinyl
One click: Show all albums that I own that are either CD OR Vinyl
Two clicks: Show all albums that are NOT CD and NOT Vinyl


Why are you blaming beta testers for not finding this stuff? The CEO of the company couldn’t even be bothered to use the app before releasing it to hit bugs like shuffle and find his bookmarks broken. Does Roon even have a QA team? Regardless, this is such basic stuff that either it’s slipped in at the very end or they just don’t care. I have a strong feeling they won’t address how they miss these obvious bugs that make them look unprofessional.


That would be great.

Because I found this issue within 3 minutes…

Yes, and what dev, designer or Roon employee using 1.8 didn’t hit it in 3 minutes either? What are you defending here? Only beta users are supposed to hit the most basic bugs a 5 minute basics checklist would reveal?

I think they did not any test, was blended from the new UI. No, everything is ok, but I was really, or are, frustrated as I have since 2 years some different issues with roon as I have a large library. I would like to ne a beta testet as I use roon maybe in another way then others. However, we have to wait for bugfixes and I‘m sure it goes a feew weeks till I can use roon like I did before

You know a release is a disaster when many users are ok with their own opinion that the company did no testing of their software. It’s mind blowing. I work on an app with a user base 200x the size of Roon and if any of a number of these issues released, I’d be fired and so would my mgr. This software was at least weeks away from a professional release not bearing a beta tag.


haven’t have the chance to really test focus until now… it is ridiculous, it is not something changed that is a bug… 1.8 bookmarks/focus filter bug - Filters configured as bookmarks are not working showing 0 results - #2 by BlackJack

just can’t believe it… this is a joke:

so focus is now broken… now WHAT? waiting 1 or 2 months for a new release as Roon is only updated every 1 or 2 months?

this is not for “Roon software” forum section… this is an issue it should be in support… nobody really looks at these sections of BLAHH in this forum, they do in support.

I have 3758 albums in my library. I use a custom tag to also keep track of my albums in I use a custom tag to identify an album in my library that has also been entered into All 3758 albums (minus a few I added this week) should be tagged as in Roon reports only 1795 albums with the Collectorz tag. Almost 2000 albums have lost their tags. Now I’m wondering if any of my other tags are working properly.

Tags definitely working differently…previously selecting multiple tags would show all content from the combined tags whereas now it appears as though the content has to be tagged in all the categories to be displayed. Many of my bookmarks no longer work either as they relied on multiple tags.

Fails on discoverability.
You look at the UI, without reading the manual (guys don’t read manuals), how do you figure out one, two, three clicks?

If they make Focus an “OR” operation they’ll have to rename it Blur won’t they?


Just select ‘- Classical’ in Focus by first selecting Classical, then tapping it again to become ‘- Classical’, then all non-Classical albums will appear.