Make Live Radio Stream URLs Editable

Already, since the Build 505 release, the stream URL for FIP radio has changed.

As the number of pre-programmed stations increases, this becomes a maintenance nightmare for the Roon staff, and an annoyance for users. At least, if the stream URLs are editable, the users can fix the breakage before the next Roon release.

To a degree this is already met. A set of Radio Curators (volunteers from this forum) are managing the directory of Live Radio stations.

If you create a post in the Live Radio forum, we will pick it up and make the necessary changes

In “My Live Radio” you can still add your own stations :wink:

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Will that change get picked up by Roon automatically, or will I have to wait for the next Roon update?

That’s a workaround (create another station in addition to the broken one), but a less-than-satisfactory one.

Changes we make to the directory are available immediately in Roon, and are not linked to or dependent on Roon releases

OK. Cool! I posted the new streaming URL.

I guess I withdraw this feature request (or would, if there were a way to do that).