Making a playlist from liked tracks on a album

Just curious as like a lot of people I listen to an alum M or playlist on Roon which has some incredible tracks plus some rubbish, is there anyway of being able to like tracks which can then be added to your own playlist which is obviously a very quick way of doing it instead of going through endless albums, playlists and exporting which is very time consuming.
By the way the latest updates are superb plus getting rid of Tidal has been a great move as the sound simply isn’t great compared with Qobuz which is sublime

This can be done automatically using bookmarks.

  1. Click on the heart icon next to the track(s) you like.
  2. Go to Tracks in my library
  3. Click on the heart icon next to focus; just the tracks you have hearted should show
  4. Click on the bookmark icon
  5. Add bookmark choosing whatever name you like

Any tracks you heart in the future will be automatically added to this bookmark.

Bookmarks can be played just like playlists. EXCEPT! The Roon people have neglected to include this essential part of the kit in ARC. To make a playlist select the bookmark and then select all the tracks and create a playlist from them. This playlist will not automatically update however.

Hi Stan - Just to say a big thank you for the advice- what a brilliant shortcut for compiling favourites tracks, playlists.
It’s amazing how so many people seem to have issues with Roon on Facebook complaining about this or that, personally I can honestly say having used Roon for over 5 years I’ve barely had an issue.
I’ve gone from Roon to Innuos App which is very good however since moving back to Roon with my new server It makes you realise that it’s light years ahead of everything else on the market.