Making a printable list?

What’s the easiest way for me to make a list of the albums I have downloaded from Qobuz?

If you store them all in the same place on your hard drive, you can view and print the directory/select all, copy, then paste into a text document and print that.

If not, and you have to do it through Roon, you could do it via multiple screenshots, or you could put all the albums in a playlist and export an .xls file (sometimes this works) and then open and print that.

What is your actual goal?

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Thanks. Trying to have a back up plan in case Qobuz goes belly up and I need to switch to another service.

So, you’re talking about your favorites—stuff imported into Roon, but not actually downloaded as discrete files, right?

Check out You can import your Qobuz listings and do all sorts of things from there, including match them against other services, print, etc.

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Yes , imported but not owned. Thanks again.

You can export to Excel

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Yes, to follow up on this last reply:

  1. “Focus” on the Qobuz albums in your library.
  2. Select all.
  3. From the new “3-dot” drop down menu at top, select “Export”.
  4. A new box will appear asking you to export the album selections to an Excel spreadsheet.

Thanks again!

How do “select all” in your step #2? I don’t see that on my iPad

Good question. You can “select all” on iPad by pressing and holding one album, then in new drop down menu that pops up in the upper left, you have the option to “select all.” As far as I can tell, however, Roon doesn’t allow exporting a selection to Excel on the iPad. For this, you need to use a computer (with Excel installed, obviously).

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