Making a User interface to use Roon

Good day, Ik work in the homo domotica and must build a system and they want to use an app te visualliye this. Now the want me to build in that same app the possibility to use Roon to play there music. Is here someone who know if there are some documents to achieve this? The app i use to build a GUI is Iridi…

Please refer to these resources.

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Depending on the platform you are integrating with, if the official node api is difficult to integrate, my (un official) python interface may also be an option. It uses the undocumented layer underneath the node api.

Thx Greg, indeed the Roon API is quit difficlt. I am not that experianced so. I wil look into your idea…
Greats Michel

Greg, just a quick Thank You! from a pyroon tinkerer.

Am currently playing around with building a little Qt6 frameless window to display artwork and current song details when playing via Roon Bridge on my Linux desktop.

Nice to have the API in Python and I hope Roon will extend it (I’d like the option to turn subtitles on/off for example)

So Thanks again for your work on this.

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Glad you’re finding it useful.

As you say it would be great if roon could update the api to make some extra facilities available.

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