Making composer names consistent

I’m getting composers listed under different names, e.g. Franz Schubert and Schubert, Franz (1797-1828). I guess the first version is Roon’s standard format as it links to the composer description. The second is the way I tag composers in my existing library. I’m happy to adopt the Roon format, but is there an easy way for me to modify these albums in Roon without changing the original data?


I do the same thing for my composers… Last Name, First Name (YOB-YOD)

It seems to be an older topic, but still relevant for me. I also have the composer tagged like lastname, firstname (dates).
Is there a way to change the composer in Roon without changing the files composers tags?


Same here.

My [Composer] tag is written as First Name Last Name [YOB-YOD].

It would be nice to have global rules in Roon to map existing tags (including [Composer]) with Roon fields.

Yes, I’d be happy to map my composer names to Roon’s as I understand these are links to their (very useful) composer database. But I don’t want to change my own metadata. As far as I can see this only affects unidentified albums, but it would be good to have it tidied up.

Same here. I have Beethoven and Ludwig Von Beethoven, each with different works. I think the same for many of my others composers. And like above, it is probably from the tags of my music. The most vexing is Albeniz. I have Issac Albeinz with one work in Composer view. I can’t find any other Albeinz in Composer view. When I search Albeniz, I see Issac Albeniz, Issac Albeniz and Albeniz, Issac. These allow me to see all 7 works I have in my library by this composer.

I wonder why all works cannot be shown when I view through Composer/Works?

Maybe I am thinking about this wrong and we are working on a new paradigm. I am open to this…:relaxed:

I think it’s fairly critical to make sure that composer names are consistent in your own metadata. Ideally, from a Roon point of view, they should follow the Roon format, e.g. Isaac Albéniz. But if you use, and are consistent with, your own names (e.g. I prefer Albéniz, Isaac (1860-1909)), it’s easy to find any unidentified Albéniz albums/works alongside those Roon can identify.

As an experiment, i changed the Composer name format that i use (Albeniz, Isaac) to what Roon uses (Isaac Albeniz). When i searched Composer, all of my Albeniz works/albums were discovered — nice.

Problem is, i don’t want to edit all my Composer tags to match.

@Not_Roon, is there any fix for this that can be incorporated? If you are working on one, I will sit tight. If this is not on the books, i will edit my Composer tags. I hope you can advise!

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That’s interesting. Yes, it would be good to know if this is on Roon’s (no doubt very long :relaxed:) list of things to do.

@mike @jeremiah can we look at manually correcting some composer equivalences? Or is this too much bearing in mind future plans for the metadata service?

I might just take the extra work. I open JRiver, my favourite tagging program and I guess in one hour I might have changed all the composers to the format Roon likes.