Male/ Female attribute for artists?

It’d be great to be able to filter artists based on whether they’re male or female…it’d greatly simplify finding an artist when their name doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

Why does this matter at all?

Say you’re looking to browse female singer/singwriters… genre metadata isn’t going to help you find them all. Call me sexist, but I prefer female vocals.

How would you classify artists such as Jimmy Scott or Phillip Jorousky? How do you think K.D. Langb would want to be classified?

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How would you classify artists such as Jimmy Scott or Phillip Jorousky? How do you think K.D. Lang would want to be classified?
[/quote]I’ll presume you mean Philippe Jarousky. Both would be male, but you could reclassify them if that helped you find countertenors in your library. I don’t care how k.d. lang would like to be classified, but I’m guessing for starters she’d prefer you use her stage name.

I’d probably use a tag “Female Vocals” for this purpose. There are lots of groups where the vocalist is a woman but for the group as a whole a female/male attribute does not make any sense … also I’ve got female artists who make instrumental music but do not sing, so I’d skip them when I want to hear female vocals.

Exactly what I’ve done, for the reasons you state.

With around 7000 artists in my library that’s pretty onerous. I’d have to label them all, browse that subset and then add another label for favourites.

Just asking about what you would want to do about gender fluid/ transgender e.g. Anthony form Anthony and the Johnsons now being Anohni?

Quite. An ex-colleague of mine who worked for a UK health provider once told me that they had around eight different values for the “Sex” field in their customer database.


There’ll be few enough of those it won’t matter.

Walter/Wendy Carlos comes to mind. Also, Eden Atwood is kind of an unusual case. IMO, this is a can of worms not worth opening.

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