Malwarebytes blocking Roonappliance.exe

Just installed a trial version of Malwarebytes and after a reboot, it blocked the Roon server app. Is this a known issue? Never had this problem with Win Defender…

Antimalware software can have false positives, fact of life. It also depends on the settings, “heuristic” detection (i.e., guessing based on bit patterns) is more likely to have false positives. We just saw something similar with Avast and a different Roon file.

I also question the quality of software that shows a message “website blocked due to malware” when what really seems to happen is an exe file connecting to a server. (And complaining without telling you the internet address that is being blocked, which would be important information. The connection attempt is most likely caused by Roon trying to talk to Roon cloud servers).

Nevertheless, there is a big blue Manage Exclusions button where you can add an exception.

To be sure the file is OK, you can upload the file to, where it will be checked by 80 different scanners.