Managing playback among many rooms

My apologies to ask a very basic question, as I have just learned about Roon today and am at the stage of learning basics:

Can anyone tell me what flexibility Roon provides on managing simultaneous playback among many different audio systems? For example, let’s say I have 3 different rooms, 2 with systems powered by NAD AVRs, and one powered by a Denon AVR.

Could a route music to play on any combination of those rooms simultaneously, or could I only play on one at a time, or what? Sorry again if this is a most basic question.

Start here, will depend on what transports options like RAAT or others etc will support on the zones.

Hello and welcome. The basic answer is yes, you can play the same music to all zones simultaneously (if the technologies match up, see the link provided by @wizardofoz ) and you can play something different at each zone location at the same time.