Manhattan 2.02 firmware

I updated to the 2.02 firmware today and it broke theater bypass. Has anyone else experienced this?

I also upgraded my Manhattan II last night to the new firmware. At first, I thought theater pass through was not working at all, but in my system it seems to be a gain related problem. If you increase the trim and volume, you will get sound. I have my theater processor hooked up to the Manhattan via unbalanced rca cables and then the Manhattan to the amp via balanced xlr cables. I’m going to try going balanced from the processor to the Manhattan and see if that addresses the gain issue. As volume trim was added to the theater bypass in this latest update, I’m wondering if the differences in the cables leads to the problematic gain behavior. Will be a couple of days before I can make the change but will report back if this fixes the issue.

Thank you for responding. I reset everything to default settings, checked my connections and can barely hear it. I opened a ticket with Mytek and I will link them to this thread. Let me know what you learn


No fix for me with changing cables. Looks like the new firmware has messed up the sound pass through for theater bypass.

Ugh. I was spoiled not having to change cables to go from music to tv…lol Maybe a fix will be soon. Thanks for trying that and posting your result :wink:

I wonder if it is possible to downgrade to 1.12?

I haven’t tried, but I think it is possible to downgrade to 1.12 as they still have that firmware on the support page.

If you are able to be careful, there is an interim solution without downgrading, at least for me. First, manually turn the volume on your AV receiver/processor all the way down to its lowest setting. This is a very important first step — don’t miss it. Next, on the Manhattan, turn off theater bypass and then turn the volume up all the way to 100 on the Manhattan input from your AV receiver/processor. Next turn the volume up on the AV receiver/processor so you get appropriate volume — with the Manhattan volume all the way up, it will fully pass the volume from the receiver/processor (even with the most recent firmware). BUT BE VERY CAREFUL, you need to remember to turn the volume down on the Manhattan before you switch inputs. For example, if you listen to your music through the network input on the Manhattan and change to that input from your theater input before reducing the volume on the Manhattan, you will blast full volume to your speakers from the network input — not good for your ears or your speakers. So, there is an interim fix, but you really need to be careful and remember to reduce volume before switching inputs. If more than one person uses the Manhattan, I would be especially reluctant to do this or input switches/volume levels could not be addressed correctly.

I will try this out a stickie note on the Dac knob. I understand totally how this works. Thanks!!

@Chs1980 New firmware update available. Theater bypass fixed!

Robin, thanks for posting. Nice to see that Mytek addressed this relatively quickly.