Manually add m3u playlists?

New to Roon, excited to get going. I have a thousand or so ripped CD that each has an m3u playlist per album. I don’t want those imported. Then I have about 30 m3u playlists that i DO want imported. I think I have read that it will skip playlists that exactly match an album. I am worried about trying this and finding out that it doesn’t work.

a. does this feature work well to suppress the import of “album playlists”
b. is there a way to add m3u playlists into Roon manually, can i just drag and drop them onto Roon?


Hi @Rob_O_Keefe ----- Thank you for the report, and welcome!

In regard to adding playlists to Roon, the desired M3U file(s) will need to be placed into a watch folder in order for them to be imported. More information on how to bring playlists into the application can be found here in our knowledge base.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to lend a hand!

Thanks! The issue is I have 100’s of “album” playlists that I don’t want imported so I don’t want to turn on the global setting, I want to selectively pick the “hand made” lists I have.


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Hi @Rob_O_Keefe,

I don’t know if the album playlist detection filter will work for your collection specifically. I think it works pretty well, but there are always going to be playlists it misses. I do know that the setting to import playlists for watched folders is completely reversible. Nothing bad will happen to your library or database if you turn it on, discover that it’s imported all your album playlists, and turn it back off.

For reference, the album playlist detection currently doesn’t import playlists if both of these conditions are true:

  1. Every track in the playlist is in the same directory as the playlist, and
  2. Every track in the directory forms a contiguous media/track number sequence.
    The only tricky bit is that this happens well before Roon has really looked at the files, so we can only use track file names to determine the media/track number. Most missed playlists happen because of track file names that happen to confuse our media/track number detection.

I just checked: Of the 2205 playlists in to 300k track library I use as a test case, I’ve imported about 60. So we catch maybe 97% of album playlists.

Hope this helps,


I will give it a try this weekend and let you know, that was the feedback I was looking for. I was not under the impression it was reversible – once they get imported won;t I be stuck with them? I got that impression from other posts I read.

We’ll see!

If you see playlists from a watched folder with appropriate import playlist setting set to “No” there is a bug somewhere that we would like to fix. I just checked and it appears to be working correctly on my system, but please let us know if you ever find a case where setting import playlists to “No” doesn’t make existing playlists disappear.


That is cool – I did not understand that the setting would retro-actively go away! usually once something is imported, it is imported for good. I like that a lot.

EDIT: Never mind, found it.

How do I change this setting after my initial setup? Maybe I am blind but I am not seeing it anymore?