Manually enter artist bio?

Is there a way to manually enter artist bio? I have some obscure ones that Roon does not have bios for.

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I’d love this too.

It’ll be in a future update.

Is that definite???

As far as I know, yes.

I was wondering the same thing. Very good question :slight_smile:

Evan, can you cite your source for this? I am posting requests and not getting anything other than rumours from users, if anything. :frowning: - that’s not to detract from your input, It’s just that it would be nice to get an official response sometime.

PS… Manually entering album write-ups too would be cool.

[quote=“David_Haesler, post:6, topic:21475”]
can you cite your source for this?
[/quote]I enquired during testing of 1.3.

Nice. As a new comer to the Roon experience, perhaps you can enlighten me as to when 1.3 came out? Is there any forecast for further revision?

thanks a million.

19 days ago it would seem.

Roon do not make timeline commitments re future releases and/or enhancements. Bug fixes are published on a regular basis and you can rest assured the product undergoes continuous improvement both iro existing functionality and enhancements.

superb. Thanks for this. Will check it frequently. Much appreciated!

very nice indeed hope not only text but also the main photos can be edited

Just to be clear, the artist main photo can be edited now. I do a couple every day while I am listening to music. Actually quite relaxing.

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Ah OK, then sorry, did not try myself and seems a have misunderstood something :slight_smile:
So that’s nice then will also have to start doing this.

No problem. Be careful, its addicting!

A couple of tips, I search for images larger than 1024x768 then crop them to make sure they meet the requirements for the banner to show appropriately.

Thx again!

I requested this a year and a half ago. Really hope the functionality will be added soon!


Maybe an even better idea is to provide a mechanism to add the bio and post back to the Roon admin for inclusion in their data base after suitable ratification.

That way the data is available to all and the db grows more accurate

A bigger ask may be to extend this to composers compositions etc…



+1, including the ability to edit associated, influential, etc artists, as well as weblinks

This request from 2017 is not integrated in ROON yet, right?
Is it still on the table? Would love to be able to do manual entries in the artist bio.

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