Manually set Arc IP Address

There are a number of threads on this but none of them answered and all of them locked due to inactivity.

The ask is very simple, let us have an advanced setting in ARC config to manually specify what IP arc thinks it should be connected to with. This is no more complicated then letting one manually set the port.

My Roon core runs on a machine that connects to the Internet on a VPN, though not for local traffic. I have manually configured port forwarding on my router to this machine and everything except arc works as expected.

  • Plex (running on the same machine) works fine remotely using my actual IP, not the VPN IP.
  • Roon works perfectly on the LAN

The issue is that arc is trying to be clever and gives itself the VPN’s external IP, rather than my normal external IP.

Moved to feature suggestions as it’s a change request.

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